Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Thank The Gods | POEM

I Thank The Gods
Written by: Chris Williams

Up above we have the stars
Painted on a dark canvas
We're in each others arms
With a blanket around us
It's in moments like this
I feel the warmth of her bod
That I feel such bliss
I stop, and thank the gods

She might be big and round
But I really don't care
Cuz she's so beautiful and brown
I really love her hair
The mornings she looks a mess
She thinks I'm odd
Cuz I swear she looks her best
But I stop, to thanks the gods

Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Meant to Be | POEM

We're Meant to Be
Written by: Chris Williams

I knew you would find
Someone to give your love to
Your heart is mine
And mine belongs to you
Don't be shy
It's only me
Don't ask why
Just know we're meant to be

You've searched all your life
Nearly twenty-one years
You've looked low and high
I've always been right here
Don't look surprised
You fell for me
Happy Valentines
You know we're meant to be