Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Kitchen Christmas | POEM

The Kitchen Christmas
Written by: Christopher Williams

Christmas hams and pecan pie
Makes the days fly right by
Peanut butter balls and divinity
Are just some of the candies
That we always get to make
And they bring us a perfect day

The kitchen always smell so right
We even work on into the night
For the meal and desserts are a feat
But they are always the perfect treat
Cooking and dining are my favorite things
That this holiday always brings

Once we've gathered and sat down
With everyone spread all around
Our most delicious, abundant feast
I know one thing for sure at least
That the time spent was not a waste
Cuz the kitchen Christmas goes in haste

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Fisherman's Tree | POEM

The Fisherman's Tree
Written by: Christopher Williams

To his party, my friend invited me
The first thing I noticed was his tree
It sparkled, oh, so gloriously
But there was not a light to be seen

What I saw was quite the dazzle
The tree was covered with tackle
It had his guests forever baffled
I'm sure it was a terrible hassle

Dozens of plastic fish with hooks
It turned heads, and got alotta looks
This was surely one for the books
We sat at the table to see what was cooked

Someone prayed, and even made a wish
To understand his obsession with fish
I took a picture for those who'd miss
So that no one would ever forget this

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Chevrolet | POEM

Santa's Chevrolet
Written by: Christopher Williams

There's been a rumor, so it seems
Something new is coming Christmas Eve
Santa's giving up his deer and sleigh
He's coming to town in a Chevrolet
It's supercharged, candy apple red
Has lotsa toys and goodies in its bed
The eight reindeer are no longer good
When he has 400 horses under the hood

Just hear the roar of the chrome pipes
It let's you know he's out at night
He going to come as fast as he can
With his big red bag in his hand
Those mud-grip tires tread the snow
He'll rev it up and let it go
So watch as Santa comes your way
He's coming to town in his Chevrolet

What A Lonely Christmas Eve | POEM

What A Lonely Christmas Eve
Written by: Christopher Williams

Tonight, I'm home alone
Because she has gone
That girl has left me
What a lonely Christmas Eve

Truly, no creature stirs
And my vision, it blurs
From the eggnog consumed
During this nightly gloom

Left are the gifts you see
Tossed about under the tree
Fire place holds a flame
I'm still cold, she's to blame

Ever slowly by does time go
Doesn't heal my pains and woes
Never thought this way it'd be
What a lonely Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where Would You Be? | POEM

Where Would You Be?
Written by: Christopher Williams
Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
Would you be home?
Or would you be gone?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
With your heart's desire
Sitting by a warm fire?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
Will there be snow?
Or maybe eskimos?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
I hope that you'd be
Cuddled up with me