Sunday, August 31, 2008

Senses | POEM

Written by: Christopher Williams

If ever I were to go blind
And your face was etched in my mind
You wouldn't hear complaints from me
Because its a wondrous masterpiece

If ever I were to go deaf
And only your voice was left
Ringing throughout my ears
I'd not care if I couldn't hear

But if your kiss I couldn't taste
My life would be such a waste
I'd be but a shell of a man
Everything would taste so bland

And if I couldn't feel your embrace
Tears would stream down my face
To death I wish I would succumb
Because I would forever be numb

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heart, Soul, and Mind | POEM

Heart, Soul, and Mind
Written by: Christopher Williams

I keep you always in my heart, baby
And I keep you in my soul
I never ever feel lonely
Whenever I do so

My mind is filled with memories
That I'll never let go
Scenes of you and me
Like some picture show

There's a melody in my head
Its the sound of your voice
Every word you've ever said
Its my song of choice

A Year Ago Today | POEM

A Year Ago Today
Written by: Christopher Williams

A year ago today
I gave my heart away
To someone special and true
Our love continuously grew
We've been all the way
And All I have to say

Is I need you for all my life
At least until the day I die
So put my ring on your left hand
Show the world that I am your man
Please always forever be mine
Until the very end of time

So give me a hug and a kiss
I'll always be thankful for this
We had our ups and downs
We've been all around
So let's always remember
Our vows on the 15th of September