Sunday, May 31, 2009

What Do I Do? | POEM

What Do I Do?
Written by: Christopher Williams

Well, she left me all alone
I don't know where things went wrong
So, what do I do now that she's gone?
I guess I should just move on!

There's the hot red-headed Amanda
Calling me all the way from Atlanta
And the ragin' Cajun Suzanna
Who'll heat me up down in Louisiana

And let's not forget about Zoe
With that twin sister, Chloe
Both girls want a chunk of me
At the same time, if they please

You know, Ashley means no harm
Working down on her daddy's farm
She'll steam the windows of her car
Just to make sure you take her far

There's Felicia at the country store
Who always leaves you wanting more
And the one that I held the door for
Amelia, yeah, I'm the one she adores

I don't know what is that I got
These women all think I super hot
They want me, if I'm ready or not
They sure know how to hit the spot

But she left me all alone
I don't care where things went wrong
So, what do I do now that she's gone?
Hehe, do I really have to go on?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Luck | POEM

My Luck
Written By: Christopher Williams

With tears down my face
I felt like a waste of space
And a waste of your time
You said the fault was mine
I didn't look good enough
You didn't want my love

I wasn't filthy rich with money
I wasn't at all that funny
And just now you tell me all
It came crashing down like a wall
I guess I just wasn't enough
I guess that's just my luck

Friday, May 29, 2009

Down in Mississippi | POEM

Down in Mississippi
Written by: Christopher Williams

Down in Mississippi
Is where you'll find me
Where we play in the mud
With our pick up trucks

It's where the cotton grows
And where Jesus saved my soul
It's home to me, and home to you
It's the home of The Blues

It's where I'll raise my kids
Like my father and mother did
It's where the clear starry sky
Comes out to sparkle at night

It's where you work all day
And everyone drives Chevrolets
Yeah, I ain't no Ford truck man
So this explains who I am:

I'm Southern by God's grace
Can't live no other place
This is me, This is country
Down in Mississippi

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thorns on a Rose | POEM

Thorns on a Rose
Written By: Christopher Williams

I was walking along on my way home
Remembering that I left you all alone
And thinking all about last night
When we had a screaming fight

I stopped along the side of the road
Just so I could pick a rose
I thought it could ease the pain
And I didn't even care about the rain

I stood right there with shears in hand
I took a hold to clip it off, and
I felt it so sharply in my finger
Right then and there that one thought lingered

I guess it's just the way it goes
You're like the thorns on a rose
And like a thorn in my side
There's nowhere else to hide
These feelings I have anymore
It hit me hard, kicked me to the floor
And all this is how I know
That you're just the thorns on a rose