Monday, December 17, 2007

The Queen of My Heart | POEM

The Queen of My Heart
Written by: Chris Williams

You're one of a kind
You were hard to find
I don't know where to start
To tell how you stole my heart
But you did it in the blink of an eye
I must've had my head in the sky
Cuz I wasn't looking, must've tripped
You captured me with a kiss from your lips
You knew how to start that spark
You're the queen of my heart

You're as special as rain
You're not easy to tame
I can't get you outta my head
Always hung up on words you've said
They have so much meaning to me you know
Your love has touched me, i know it shows
I just want to return the favor to you
Let you know my love is true
But I'm not sure where to start
You're the queen of my heart

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish Upon A Star | POEM

Wish Upon A Star
Written by: Chris Williams

Wish upon a star
Don't be afraid
If I stayed
Entangled within your arms

Wish upon a star
That we stay together
That it lasts forever
This will be the best Christmas by far

Wish upon a star
You're in control
Of my soul
Lift me to where the angels are

Monday, December 10, 2007

Her First Snow | POEM

Her First Snow

She grabbed my hand, said let's go
Dance out in the falling snow
It wasn't long at all before
She dragged me out the door
I put my hands upon her hips
And she kissed me on my lips

It was amazing how her face would glow
Because this was her first snow
Can't believe I was dancing with Ash
Having ourselves a wonderful blast
I twirled her around and around
Until we both fell onto the ground

In my close embrace is where she lay
Close to my heart that memory stays
This was the greatest gift of the year
Just holding my love, holding my dear
As the snow fell during Christmas night
All around us, everything felt so right

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

By Christmas Eve | POEM

By Christmas Eve

Written by: Chris Williams

She's standing beneath the mistletoe
My head's screaming for me to go
Over and give her the greatest kiss
She's ever had. I don't wanna miss
My chance to make her happy tonight
I'm sure things are gonna be alright
I best make my move before she leaves
And she'll be mine by Christmas Eve

Slower and slower, I approach
I feel like I am about to choke
She's so beautiful standing there
She's an angel with long dark hair
I feel so nervous, I start to shake
I just hope that I don't faint
This is something that I must achieve
And she'll be mine by Christmas Eve

I really can't help it if I stare
It's overwhelming, too much to bear
It's too late to turn back now
I know where my heart is bound
I can feel my palms are sweaty
But she is of such great beauty
I pray that this will make her see
Then she'll be mine this Christmas Eve

I do my very best to start to talk
I keep hoping that she doesn't walk
Away from me, And out of my life
So beautiful are her dark brown eyes
What's behind them, I don't know
So I close mine. And here it goes
For my heart, I don't have to grieve
Her lips touch mine, its Christmas Eve

Some of the Things | POEM

Some of the Things

Written by: Chris Williams

Candy canes and Christmas cards
Mistletoe and trees with stars
And Reindeer are on the scene
That's just some of the things

Snowmen armies out in the yard
Mrs. Clause on Santa's arm
That's just some of the things
That the Christmas season brings

Some angels made in the snow
Grandma's house, here we go
Sleigh bells ring, and angels sing
Those are just some of the things

Oh, Holy Night, or Silent Night
The house covered in Christmas lights
And all the gifts that people bring
That's just some of the things

The Christmas Feast | POEM

The Christmas Feast

Written by: Chris Williams

Its that special time of year
It always bring me to tears
All the food; its quite a joy
Christmas cookies, oh, boy
Candy canes with great big stripes
And let's not forget the pecan pie
There's always turkey and ham
Maybe even some candy yams

The food is the greatest reason
For any of the holiday seasons
But this one is so hard to beat
Because it's just one big feast
And you'll never hear a peep from me
When I indulge myself and overeat
So why should I feel ashamed
Cuz I know I'm not to blame

I can't help that it's so good
And here I sit, like I knew I would
Moaning, but its not my fault
I ate and ate until I couldn't walk
I can't believe that it could hurt
And now its time for dessert
I guess I'll just miss out on some
Aw, who am I kidding? Here I come!

My Christmas List | POEM

My Christmas List

Written by: Chris Williams

It's that special time of year
When the only thing you hear
Is people spreading christmas cheer
Everyone is so full of hope
That there will be lots of snow
And that all the houses are aglow

So, here is the only thing
That could make my bells ring
That could make the angels sing
The one thing on my Christmas list
Is for you to grant me this wish
I only want you, and a big kiss

Cuddle with me by the fire
You are my heart's desire
My love for you goes on higher
You've made my life complete
I find it sometimes hard to speak
When you say how much you love me

Time with you would make me happy
Love is what Christmas is to me
Time, too, with friends and family
So, for me to have total bliss
For this grand Christmas wish
You're the only thing on my list

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Shy Guy | POEM

The Shy Guy
Written by: Chris Williams

I know this guy
He's kind of shy
You make him high
Thinks you painted the sky
His favorite color blue
There's nothing he wouldn't do
To prove that he loves you
He hopes you feel it too

You are not to blame
If you don't feel the same
His love cannot wane
Reply, it's driving him insane
He'd make you happy in the end
And he might even send
You roses, so your heart he could win
So, would you be my girlfriend?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Would You Be Mine? | POEM

Would You Be Mine?
Written by: Chris Williams

If I said you were pretty
Would you be mine?
If I took you to the movies
From time to time

You make my whole world spin
With a wink of an eye
If my lips touch your skin
Would you be mine?

What if I bowed at your feet
Because you are so fine
Or if I made our lips meet
Would you be mine?

No matter what I have to do
I'll make my love shine
I'm on my knees, I love you
So, would you be mine?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Naturally | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

Hard to believe I'm feeling this way
I have you melting over the things I say
I can't help it, I'm just being me
Loving you just comes naturally

I know all the right moves to make
And kissing you is a chance I'll take
Because I would like for you to see
Everything I do comes naturally

Whenever your heart skips a beat
At the moment your name I speak
There's no place I'd rather be
Because it all feels naturally

I would like to hold your hand
I just want to be your man
On your love, my heart must feed
These feelings come naturally

Monday, October 29, 2007

Telling Dirty Jokes | POEM

Telling Dirty Jokes
Written by Chris Williams

Dirty thoughts formed in my head
You've laughed at the jokes I've said
So if you really wanna know
Why I'm telling dirty jokes
It's because it makes you laugh
I know you're having a blast
I wouldn't do this with anyone else
And sometimes I just can't help myself
Don't you worry and don't you fret
I'm not stopping the fun just yet
I'd like to get you in my bed
Or perhaps a bubble bath instead
There's something I'd like to show
But you keep on telling me no
As this relationship grows
I'll keep telling dirty jokes

Saturday, October 27, 2007

To the Moon and Back | POEM

To the Moon and Back
Written by: Chris Williams

You know, from time to time
She's gonna cross my mind
But you need to know the truth
I want no other girl but you
So believe I feel this way
And believe me when I say

My love could span to the moon and back
And I really hope you know that
My love for her never got off the ground
Before she wanted to get out
Don't worry, if her name ever comes up
Because you're the only woman I love

Twenty-Three | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

When you're twenty-three
You have so many dreams
And I hope they all come true.
You have all of life before you
So many years still to go
Happy birthday to you, Jo.

When you're twenty-three
You can look back and see
That the years flew by so fast
But the memories will last
You're a terrific friend
Who we'll love 'til the end

You're special to us all
You're the belle of the ball
Today's your special day
I hope happiness finds its way
To you, so you can see
It's alright to be twenty-three

Poet's Note: Was written months ago in preparation for Jo's birthday. Which is Today, October 27th. . .

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Say You'll Stay | POEM

Say You'll Stay
Written by: Chris Williams

Say you'll stay for all eternity
Until the grass is no longer green
Until that big old sun fades
Right until the end of days
Because I love the way you make me feel
I've never felt anything that's so real
When you kiss me, I go so high and so far
I feel like I could touch the moon and stars

Say you'll stay until the oceans dry up
You've painted the perfect picture of love
On a canvas in this heart of mine
Making me believe that I could never find
Someone so loving and so true
I know no one else is quite like you
Please, hold my hand, like you hold my heart
And baby say you'll stay right where you are

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fifteenth of September | POEM

The Fifteenth of September
Written by: Chris Williams

The fifteenth of September
Is a day to be remembered
Its a special day for us
Mark it as our day of love
Can't believe you fell for me
Forget February fourteenth
It seems to be too far away
I wanna celebrate it everyday
This love that we have together
This love we want to last forever

The fifteenth of September
There's no day that's better
Our future was written in stone
I see how much our love has grown
I'm the world's luckiest man
To have you holding my hand
That day I heard the angels sing
And I know I heard bells ring
On that day we should remember
The fifteenth of September

I've Been Looking | POEM

I've Been Looking
Written by: Chris Williams

I've been looking for so long
For someone like you to come along
Now that you're here, I hold you dear
I'll never let go, always keep you near
I found something so amazing, its true
I found something so wonderful, its you

I absolutely love how you set me free
From these prison bars that held me
For so long in the darkness of this place
I can see, because that smile on your face
Brings me light, so I can find my path
I know I've found love, at long last

It's astonishing what love does
And the reason I say that is 'cuz
I've been looking for so long
For someone like you to come along
But I don't have to look anymore
I've found what I've been looking for

Monday, October 15, 2007

Diversity | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

What's the matter with all of us?
What's the deal with all the fuss?
Never understood discrimination
After all, we're God's creation
Yellow, red, brown, black, or white
We're born into this kind of life
And if God came to you and asked
If you had a problem with all of that
What would you tell Him in reply?
Could you really look Him in the eye?

There's something within you and me
Something that makes us want serenity
And that's something else people hate
I just keep praying its not too late
People hunted down for their beliefs
Seeing less of that would be a relief
Why should it really matter if you
Are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu?
It is just another way of life
Yet some are made to live in strife

Diversity makes this world beautiful
But its uglied by those who're hateful
So why don't you look within yourself
Go ahead, you look like everyone else
Love people for what they are within
Never judge by their religion or skin
We're all different, but we're the same
Not being able to see that is a shame
And I have absolutely no doubt
That in time, it will all work out

Poet's Note: In the world today, people are hated because of religion or the color of their skin, or perhaps both. I think the last stanza of this poem tells how I feel about. Diversity is beautiful. so many religions in this world, so many races and skin colors. It's all amazing, and I love it. Love Everybody!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Man | POEM

Another Man
Written by: Chris Williams

After the last time, I understand
Why you don't want another man
He left you down and hurt
He dragged you through the dirt
He didn't deserve the love you gave
You didn't deserve the way he behaved

Tragedy struck, and made you stand
All alone, not needing another man
There were none you could trust
So you let your heart sit and rust
Nothing left in your chest but dust
Gave up on men, due to this fuss

But you met me, and it came to an end
You confided in me, called me a friend
I showed you it was alright to love
And you know exactly how right I was
Because I showed you something grand
You want me, and not another man

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You're the Only Wonder | POEM

You're the Only Wonder
Written by: Chris Williams

I never found a place I felt I belonged
At least, not until you came along
Now I can't get enough
You're someone I just can't resist
And I know that you always insist
That you're so tough
But I know I'll make you weak in the knees
When I hug you and kiss you tenderly
I need to say this, but

I can't believe I found someone so loving
Stumbled into something so amazing
But you brush your hands through my hair
You show me just how much you care
You make the pain go away just like that
And you know, as a matter of fact
There might be seven wonders in this world
But you're the only wonder I see, girl

Monday, October 8, 2007

Never Leave | POEM

Never Leave
Written by: Chris Williams

Never leave, I can't stand us being apart
So, don't you dare break my heart
Never leave, I don't want to see you walk out
And just so you know there isn't any doubt
I love you more with each passing day
Nothing ever gets in our way
Not for you and me
So, never leave

I want to celebrate our love everyday
Come on, baby, now what do you say?
I'll do whatever it takes, make no mistake
You know, a love like mine just can't be fake
I wanna walk with you hand in hand
Down some long stretch of sand
So I beg you please
Never leave

Never leave, I always need you by my side
Our love is something we can't hide
Never leave, I can't stand to watch you go
So, I'll let my love for you show
And I have this to say
Because I hope you'll stay
You complete me
So, never leave

Fear of Love | POEM

Fear of Love
Written by: Chris Williams

There's no doubt
You're freaking out
I know that you
Don't know what to do
But don't you fear
Because I'm here
Don't get frantic
And don't you panic
I say this 'cuz
You're in love

Your hands shake
The ground quakes
Your heart beats
And you start to freak
Things get insane
I am to blame
You tell yourself
You need no one else
But you're lying 'cuz
You're afraid of love

I won't deny
This love of mine
So, yeah, I do
Love you too
I'll hold your hand
Together we'll stand
Be mine everyday
What do you say?
I want you 'cuz
I'm in love

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Always Only Yours | POEM

Always Only Yours
Written by: Chris Williams

I'm always only yours
And I know that for sure
There's no other girl
Anywhere in this world
To come between me and you
You know my word is true

I always want you with me
For you're the only one I see
In a crowd filled with women
You're so pretty its a sin
I know you're love is pure
So, I'm always only yours

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Day | POEM

My Day
Written by: Chris Williams

Kisses start off my day
And whenever she is away
She is my only thought
Oh, what love has brought
To me is beyond words
She gives until it hurts

Every day is an adventure
I know that much for sure
She makes those cold nights
As warm as the sun's light
And if I turn up my charm
My day ends in her arms

You Are My Everything | POEM

You Are My Everything
Written by: Chris Williams

You're the light that shines
You're the hope that finds
Me when I need it most
You keep me alfoat
On these rough waters of life
You are worth all the strife

You're the water that I need
And the air that I breath
Everything is so clear
When you hold me near
You're my life's blood
I live because of your love

You're the road leading me home
There's no distance you've gone
To prove just what you do for me
It took a while but now I can see
All the happiness that you bring
You know, you are my everything

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Poems Are For You | POEM

My Poems Are For You
Written by: Chris Williams

I realize my poems are for you
So you know every word is true
You are in every single line
And in every single rhyme

The words flow freely and fair
Like locks from your dark hair
The stanzas are formed nicely
Like the curves of your body

Everything fits perfectly in place
Just like that smile on your face
when you read my words, they're proof
That all all my poems are for you

Friday, September 28, 2007

I Can't | POEM

I Can't
Written by: Chris Williams

I can't stand on my own
Don't want to be alone
I don't know where I belong
But you touch my face
And I know my place
All the pain is erased

I can't wait for your kiss
What did I do to deserve this
When you're away and missed
I always feel so weak
But you give me strength
Everytime our eyes meet

Dark moments when I can't see
Your love is a light to help me
You're the air that I need
There's so much love you give
You're who I want to be with
Without your love, I can't live

Unstoppable Love | POEM

Unstoppable Love
Written by: Chris Williams

In the beginning, I gave you my heart
You were the one who found the spark
No matter what the opposition
I'll never change my decision
Had no idea how things would go
But this is all that I know:
We have an unstoppable love
With never-ending kisses and hugs
Every morning I wake up with you
It hasn't been long, but time flew
And now I kiss you good night
You make everything alright
That's how I knew what this was
That this is an unstoppable love

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Heart | POEM

My Heart
Written by: Chris Williams

It's in the palm of your hand
Please, be gentle if you can
Don't let it fall and shatter
You're the only one who matters
So, give it tender love and care
Breaking it is too much to bear
Give it a kiss, or hug it tight
Keep it wrapped up at night
It will never ever fall apart
When you possess my heart

My Legacy | POEM

My Legacy
Written by: Chris Williams

I'm the man, I'm the myth
I'm legend in all this
This is all my legacy
My poem's are memories
Whether good or bad
It's the life I've had
I've loved and I've lost
These are tales of the costs

This is the story of my life
My happiness, and my strife
Tales of the girl of my dreams
The loss of friends, it seems
Its the tales of victory
That live in my legacy
Fight back, come unwound
When things get me down

In my life, things have gone
Either right, or wrong
I triumph with a smile, a joke
Come out a winner, and I grow
Both in mind and in spirit
Folks'll know, when they hear it
How true are these stories
How true is my legacy

You're Where I Belong | POEM

You're Where I Belong
Written by: Chris Williams

I know you are by far
My life's greatest part
I just can't believe
Our love came with ease
You have done nothing wrong
I know you're where I belong

I was smart from the start
When I handed you my heart
You can do whatever you please
As long as you do it with me
There's so much love you've shown
And we haven't been together long

You're the light in my dark
You are the very spark
That brought out the real me
And I know as far as I can see
You've been my future, all along
I know you're where I belong

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tell Me | POEM

Tell Me
Written by: Chris Williams

Tell me when
Did life begin.
Was it with you?
Tell me again
How I've been
Good to you.

Tell me why
You're so shy
Towards my touch.
Tell me how
I can wow
You oh so much.

Tell me about
All the doubts
That I erase
Tell me to
Stay with you
Now and always

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Friend | POEM

My Friend
Written by: Chris Williams

You were supposed to be
Here until the end
You no longer like me
No longer my friend

Don't Know what I did
But you, I have hurt
Didn't mean to do this
Seems to only get worse

I wish to start again
Sort out this whole mess
I dearly miss my friend
I still love ya, regardless

It Isn't Cool to Be Me | POEM

It Isn't Cool to Be Me
Written by: Chris Williams

It isn't cool
To be me
I was a fool
Acted stupidly
Doing what I
Thought was best
Don't know why
I caused this mess

I hide the pain
Under a smile
There's only rain
has been for a while
No sunshine here
Only the loss
Only the fear
Alot it has cost

There's nothing left
Deep down inside
There's no one else
At my side
Everyone is gone
Away to stay
I'm all alone
Going my own way

Friday, September 21, 2007

What Makes You Love Me | POEM

What Makes You Love Me
Written by: Chris Williams

What makes you love me
The way that you do
Naw, you're not crazy
Yeah, I love you, too

Your hugs always send me
Right over the edge
Whenever you kiss me
For more, I always beg

I feel so secure
Wrapped in your arms
I know that for sure
You'll keep me from harm

It's incredible, it seems
The way things are
So, what makes you love me
I haven't guessed so far

Close Your Eyes | POEM

Close Your Eyes
Written by: Chris Williams

Just close your eyes
And I'll be there
Imagine me by your side
Playing with your hair
Please, just lean on back
And try to take in this
Moment, and just relax
and allow me to kiss
You on the cheek
Or perhaps on the lips
Your knees get weak
As my hands find your hips
Everything feels so right
It can't be wrong
I'll be your guiding light
Until you're home

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Try and Hide | POEM

Try and Hide
Written by: Chris Williams

You can try and hide
Those feelings inside
But I see it in your eyes
There is no mistake
It's written on your face

You give me a wink
Then my heart sinks
I'm beginning to think
You're dropping hints
I don't even have to squint

It's just as plain as day
I can't miss it, no way
Just come out and say
What's on your mind
Then love, you'll find

It's the sway of your hips
Makes my mind start to slip
There's a tingle on my lips
Says I can't take all this
I need just one little kiss

Go ahead, try and hide
Everything under a lie
It's easily seen in your eyes
And as I knew it was
You, my dear, are in love

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Killing Me | POEM

Killing Me
Written by: Chris Williams

So, this is what it takes
To support the life I lead
This trying to make
A living is killing me
I don't know how to handle
All this work, and friends
I think that my candle
Is burning at both ends

This feeling isn't fake
I'm tired as I can be
This trying to make
A living is killing me
It's catching up so fast
It's not all that funny
I'm out there busting my ass
And it's only for money

With everything it takes
I can barely stand or breath
This trying to make
A living is killing me
It seems harder each day
But I push on through
What's it all for anyway
Why is it that I do what I do

Monday, September 17, 2007

Help Me to Sleep | POEM

Help Me to Sleep
Written by: Chris Williams

Please, help me to sleep
She's only in my dreams
And that's where I wanna be
She's the best thing
She's what completes me

She makes everything okay
And always lights my way
I wanna spend everyday
Wrapped in her arms, I pray
That she won't stray

So, I'm hoping each night
She'll make everything alright
I need that woman by my side
There's no way I can ever hide
What I feel for her inside

So, help me to sleep
She's the girl of my dreams
I don't know what it all means
But I can tell that it seems
She's everything to me

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Do I Have to Do | POEM

What Do I Have to Do
Written by: Chris Williams

What do I have to do
To get a girl like you
Where do I start
To win your heart
I can't do anything else
Other than being myself
Maybe I should see
If you feel like me
And we can start from there
I'll show you how much I care

How much do you think
Your heart might sink
If I would start to flirt
You'll never ever get hurt
That's one promise I can make
This is a feeling I can't shake
You're always on my mind
It will be so hard to find
Anyone who will compare
So, love me if you dare

I hope we can see
Where this all leads
I hope you will be mine
and everything will be fine
What would you say
If I asked you today
Do you wanna be my girl
Let's give it a whirl
So, what do I have to do
To get a girl like you

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Run to You | POEM

I Run to You
written by: Chris Williams

Her leaving me still hurts
Early mornings are the worst
But every night I run to you
I don't know what else to do
You tell me it will be alright
I make you laugh until you cry
Who knew laughter was a good start
To mend someone's broken heart

I find it so much easier to sleep
You've replaced her in my dreams
You're pretty and easy on the eyes
You even help to sooth my mind
So, in return I make you laugh
Until you fall flat on your ass
I guess we've come to believe
I'm just your comic relief

When I'm with you, things are said
That help me get her out of my head
The way she left, she left so fast
Burned me so bad, turned me to Ash
I'm glad I have finally risen again
I want you to be here until the end
Because I don't know what else to do
But in my times of need, I run to you

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why Can't I Be? | POEM

Why Can't I Be?
Written by: Chris Williams

Why can't I get her out of my head
Why can't I forget she ever said
Good-bye to me, Why can't I be
Strong in my time of need

I always cry when I hear our song
Sleepless nights go on and on and on
It seems, she's just a memory
I just wish it would leave

I'm trying to patch up my heart
Its hard to do with all the scars
She left in me, and in my dreams
She's always haunting me

I'll never ever survive this hell
I bet she's taking this so well
At least, She's stronger than me
So, I ask myself why can't I be

Monday, September 10, 2007

A Place for My Heart | POEM

A Place for My Heart
Written by: Chris Williams

I no longer need my heart
Because of what she did
So wait until its dark
And place it with the pyramids

You can go all the way to China
The Great Wall would be a good home
Or at Stongehenge you could find a
Place on one of the stones

Tie my heart to a rocket
And send it into space
Put it in your pocket
Or some other place

Throw it into a furious hurricane
I no longer need it here
Drop it into Lake Pontchartrain
Its lovely this time of year

Send it to a deserted island
And place it beside a coconut
Somewhere along a stretch of sand
With beautiful scenery and such

Battle with the Devil | POEM

Battle with the Devil
Written by: Chris Williams

When that devil decides to come around
I'm gonna stand firm, stand my ground
I'm not going to let him get me down
I will kick him in the teeth
And Watch him as he bleeds
And just wait until he leaves

He came around here to me last night
At a moment, I wasn't feeling right
I know He wasn't planning on a fight
But I was sitting on that ledge
With him pushing me over the edge
Had I fallen, then I'd be dead

He showed that demon-toothed grin
And I wasn't about to let him win
I just didn't want to give in
You could hear the thunder rattle
Because it was a hell of a battle
No longer will I be in his shackles

Friday, September 7, 2007

Life | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

Life has been good
Like I thought it would
I've met so many folks
Told so many jokes
I will leave my mark
In each and every heart
I meet along the way
I'm gonna enjoy everyday
For as long as I can
Until I can't stand

You live and you learn
So you won't crash and burn
Watch as time goes by
It's a hell of a ride
Love is just a step away
You might find it anyday
Let no one get you down
As the world spins around
Keep doing what you do
And you'll make it through

When Love Comes Easy | POEM

When Love Comes Easy
Written by: Chris Williams

When love comes easy
Everything is smooth
Your heart's so busy
And everything is cool
You're feeling great
And you hope it lasts
It's like a parade
Yeah, it's a real blast

Your heart is reeling
Your mind is dealing
With emotions in your brain
I know it's driving you insane

When love comes easy
Life is looking good
Your heart's so busy
It feels like it would
Maybe burst into flames
Or it just might explode
Nothing will be the same
And I know it will show

Did She Cry When She Said Goodbye | POEM

Did She Cry When She Said Goodbye
Written by: Chris Williams

Things didn't work out the way I planned
I guess she couldn't see me being her man
I loved her eyes, her smile, and her nose
But now she's gone, I guess that's how it goes
I thought we would always be together
So much for us making it to forever
I loved everything about her
So, it gives me no reason to doubt her
Loving her wasn't a cool thing to do
She left me crying here like a fool
I don't remember any tears in her eyes
So, did she cry when she said goodbye?

My friends say in time the pain will go away
My curiosity is something that's here to stay
I can't seem to remember her being hurt at all
I know I'm still feeling the effects of the fall
I'm drowning here in my own tears
Wondering what's out there leaves me in fear
Moving on would be so much easier to do
If I could climb over the next hill or two
She told me about all her pain
So, I feel bad when I complain
That I didn't see tears in her eyes
So, did she cry when she said goodbye?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Friendly Advice | POEM

Friendly Advice
Written by: Chris Williams

I hate to call you, but I need your help
Today, she just packed up and left
I thought it was some bad dream
But the reality of it really hit me
I'm hoping that you can recall
One night, sometime last fall
You were all alone, crying on your bed
I was hoping you could remember what I said

You thought it might be needed again
So you took your journal and a pen
Marked down every word I told you
Could you repeat them, now that I'm blue?

She said: I know it hurts with her gone
But you have to be strong, life goes on
You can't keep on looking back
Happiness won't be found like that
Look ahead, and you'll go far
Keep on reaching for the stars
So, don't dare fall apart
We're gonna mend your heart

I thought this was an interesting idea, actually. A man gives his friend advice during her breakup, which in turn gets back to him when he is seeking for her to help him out during his breakup. Don't ask. I really don't know where all this comes from.

And before a certain someone can complain about me being "depressed". . . I'm not that depressed, but let me deal with this my way. Really, I'm fine. *ahem* Despite the prior poem "It's Getting Better All the Time," I'm not lying to ya. I'll get over it, eventually.

It's Getting Better All the Time | POEM

It's Getting Better All the Time
Written by: Chris Williams

Last night I told a lie
When she asked me if I was alright
I had to smile and let her know
I couldn't let the hurt show
It's funny how one can cover it up
I wish when the hits come I could duck
Its not that simple these days
I can't keep your memories away
I'd be lying to you if I said
I finally got you out of my head
I still remember when you were mine
I can barely walk a straight line
Seems like I'm going in circles
Moving slower than a turtle
So, I let a little white lie shine:
It's getting better all the time.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saved | POEM

Written by Christopher L. Williams

You make the days worth living, the nights so warm
You make me feel like I'm top of the world
It all happened when you said you'd be my girl
I was lost at sea, in some raging storm
You brought me out of that tempest, to dry land
You awakened me with just the touch of your hand
Your love flooded me like a mighty swarm

You have saved me from a world of pain
I walked the road that some call "lonely"
You have put a lot of faith in me
I'll always remember dancing in the rain
Seems like we washed away all the bad
Replaced with memories of the love we have
Hard to believe I had so much to gain

Thursday, August 9, 2007

If You Weren't Around | POEM

If You Weren't Around

Couldn't find water in the pouring rain
Couldn't win first, if I were the only one in the game
If I had loaded dice, seven would never be rolled
I bet I'd never find snow in a blizzard or the cold
That's just how my luck has always been
I'm so unlucky it should be a sin
If I fell, I'd never hit the ground
That's how it'd be, if you weren't around

I'd be lost at sea without any oars
Seems I always found all the closed doors
Couldn't hit water, if I fell out of a boat
Lady luck would think this is some kind of joke
Nothing good would ever happen to me
I thought that's how things would always be
Always getting kicked, even when I'm down
That's how it'd be, if you weren't around

Don't Sing Me the Blues | POEM

Don't Sing Me the Blues

Don't sing me the blues
I can do it on my own
I tried to forget you
but I only remember you're gone
I tried with booze, but its no use
I don't know what i did wrong
So, don't sing me the blues
I'll do it on my own

You left me without warning
And to drown in my own tears
You were so charming
Now you've left me in fear
You were my darling
Now you're not here

Don't sing me the blues
I can do it on my own
I still miss you
But you left me all alone
To tell the truth, I thought we'd pull through
This thing we had is over, gone
So, don't sing me the blues
I'll do it on my own