Monday, December 17, 2007

The Queen of My Heart | POEM

The Queen of My Heart
Written by: Chris Williams

You're one of a kind
You were hard to find
I don't know where to start
To tell how you stole my heart
But you did it in the blink of an eye
I must've had my head in the sky
Cuz I wasn't looking, must've tripped
You captured me with a kiss from your lips
You knew how to start that spark
You're the queen of my heart

You're as special as rain
You're not easy to tame
I can't get you outta my head
Always hung up on words you've said
They have so much meaning to me you know
Your love has touched me, i know it shows
I just want to return the favor to you
Let you know my love is true
But I'm not sure where to start
You're the queen of my heart

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wish Upon A Star | POEM

Wish Upon A Star
Written by: Chris Williams

Wish upon a star
Don't be afraid
If I stayed
Entangled within your arms

Wish upon a star
That we stay together
That it lasts forever
This will be the best Christmas by far

Wish upon a star
You're in control
Of my soul
Lift me to where the angels are

Monday, December 10, 2007

Her First Snow | POEM

Her First Snow

She grabbed my hand, said let's go
Dance out in the falling snow
It wasn't long at all before
She dragged me out the door
I put my hands upon her hips
And she kissed me on my lips

It was amazing how her face would glow
Because this was her first snow
Can't believe I was dancing with Ash
Having ourselves a wonderful blast
I twirled her around and around
Until we both fell onto the ground

In my close embrace is where she lay
Close to my heart that memory stays
This was the greatest gift of the year
Just holding my love, holding my dear
As the snow fell during Christmas night
All around us, everything felt so right

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

By Christmas Eve | POEM

By Christmas Eve

Written by: Chris Williams

She's standing beneath the mistletoe
My head's screaming for me to go
Over and give her the greatest kiss
She's ever had. I don't wanna miss
My chance to make her happy tonight
I'm sure things are gonna be alright
I best make my move before she leaves
And she'll be mine by Christmas Eve

Slower and slower, I approach
I feel like I am about to choke
She's so beautiful standing there
She's an angel with long dark hair
I feel so nervous, I start to shake
I just hope that I don't faint
This is something that I must achieve
And she'll be mine by Christmas Eve

I really can't help it if I stare
It's overwhelming, too much to bear
It's too late to turn back now
I know where my heart is bound
I can feel my palms are sweaty
But she is of such great beauty
I pray that this will make her see
Then she'll be mine this Christmas Eve

I do my very best to start to talk
I keep hoping that she doesn't walk
Away from me, And out of my life
So beautiful are her dark brown eyes
What's behind them, I don't know
So I close mine. And here it goes
For my heart, I don't have to grieve
Her lips touch mine, its Christmas Eve

Some of the Things | POEM

Some of the Things

Written by: Chris Williams

Candy canes and Christmas cards
Mistletoe and trees with stars
And Reindeer are on the scene
That's just some of the things

Snowmen armies out in the yard
Mrs. Clause on Santa's arm
That's just some of the things
That the Christmas season brings

Some angels made in the snow
Grandma's house, here we go
Sleigh bells ring, and angels sing
Those are just some of the things

Oh, Holy Night, or Silent Night
The house covered in Christmas lights
And all the gifts that people bring
That's just some of the things

The Christmas Feast | POEM

The Christmas Feast

Written by: Chris Williams

Its that special time of year
It always bring me to tears
All the food; its quite a joy
Christmas cookies, oh, boy
Candy canes with great big stripes
And let's not forget the pecan pie
There's always turkey and ham
Maybe even some candy yams

The food is the greatest reason
For any of the holiday seasons
But this one is so hard to beat
Because it's just one big feast
And you'll never hear a peep from me
When I indulge myself and overeat
So why should I feel ashamed
Cuz I know I'm not to blame

I can't help that it's so good
And here I sit, like I knew I would
Moaning, but its not my fault
I ate and ate until I couldn't walk
I can't believe that it could hurt
And now its time for dessert
I guess I'll just miss out on some
Aw, who am I kidding? Here I come!

My Christmas List | POEM

My Christmas List

Written by: Chris Williams

It's that special time of year
When the only thing you hear
Is people spreading christmas cheer
Everyone is so full of hope
That there will be lots of snow
And that all the houses are aglow

So, here is the only thing
That could make my bells ring
That could make the angels sing
The one thing on my Christmas list
Is for you to grant me this wish
I only want you, and a big kiss

Cuddle with me by the fire
You are my heart's desire
My love for you goes on higher
You've made my life complete
I find it sometimes hard to speak
When you say how much you love me

Time with you would make me happy
Love is what Christmas is to me
Time, too, with friends and family
So, for me to have total bliss
For this grand Christmas wish
You're the only thing on my list