Monday, October 29, 2007

Telling Dirty Jokes | POEM

Telling Dirty Jokes
Written by Chris Williams

Dirty thoughts formed in my head
You've laughed at the jokes I've said
So if you really wanna know
Why I'm telling dirty jokes
It's because it makes you laugh
I know you're having a blast
I wouldn't do this with anyone else
And sometimes I just can't help myself
Don't you worry and don't you fret
I'm not stopping the fun just yet
I'd like to get you in my bed
Or perhaps a bubble bath instead
There's something I'd like to show
But you keep on telling me no
As this relationship grows
I'll keep telling dirty jokes

Saturday, October 27, 2007

To the Moon and Back | POEM

To the Moon and Back
Written by: Chris Williams

You know, from time to time
She's gonna cross my mind
But you need to know the truth
I want no other girl but you
So believe I feel this way
And believe me when I say

My love could span to the moon and back
And I really hope you know that
My love for her never got off the ground
Before she wanted to get out
Don't worry, if her name ever comes up
Because you're the only woman I love

Twenty-Three | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

When you're twenty-three
You have so many dreams
And I hope they all come true.
You have all of life before you
So many years still to go
Happy birthday to you, Jo.

When you're twenty-three
You can look back and see
That the years flew by so fast
But the memories will last
You're a terrific friend
Who we'll love 'til the end

You're special to us all
You're the belle of the ball
Today's your special day
I hope happiness finds its way
To you, so you can see
It's alright to be twenty-three

Poet's Note: Was written months ago in preparation for Jo's birthday. Which is Today, October 27th. . .

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Say You'll Stay | POEM

Say You'll Stay
Written by: Chris Williams

Say you'll stay for all eternity
Until the grass is no longer green
Until that big old sun fades
Right until the end of days
Because I love the way you make me feel
I've never felt anything that's so real
When you kiss me, I go so high and so far
I feel like I could touch the moon and stars

Say you'll stay until the oceans dry up
You've painted the perfect picture of love
On a canvas in this heart of mine
Making me believe that I could never find
Someone so loving and so true
I know no one else is quite like you
Please, hold my hand, like you hold my heart
And baby say you'll stay right where you are

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Fifteenth of September | POEM

The Fifteenth of September
Written by: Chris Williams

The fifteenth of September
Is a day to be remembered
Its a special day for us
Mark it as our day of love
Can't believe you fell for me
Forget February fourteenth
It seems to be too far away
I wanna celebrate it everyday
This love that we have together
This love we want to last forever

The fifteenth of September
There's no day that's better
Our future was written in stone
I see how much our love has grown
I'm the world's luckiest man
To have you holding my hand
That day I heard the angels sing
And I know I heard bells ring
On that day we should remember
The fifteenth of September

I've Been Looking | POEM

I've Been Looking
Written by: Chris Williams

I've been looking for so long
For someone like you to come along
Now that you're here, I hold you dear
I'll never let go, always keep you near
I found something so amazing, its true
I found something so wonderful, its you

I absolutely love how you set me free
From these prison bars that held me
For so long in the darkness of this place
I can see, because that smile on your face
Brings me light, so I can find my path
I know I've found love, at long last

It's astonishing what love does
And the reason I say that is 'cuz
I've been looking for so long
For someone like you to come along
But I don't have to look anymore
I've found what I've been looking for

Monday, October 15, 2007

Diversity | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

What's the matter with all of us?
What's the deal with all the fuss?
Never understood discrimination
After all, we're God's creation
Yellow, red, brown, black, or white
We're born into this kind of life
And if God came to you and asked
If you had a problem with all of that
What would you tell Him in reply?
Could you really look Him in the eye?

There's something within you and me
Something that makes us want serenity
And that's something else people hate
I just keep praying its not too late
People hunted down for their beliefs
Seeing less of that would be a relief
Why should it really matter if you
Are Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu?
It is just another way of life
Yet some are made to live in strife

Diversity makes this world beautiful
But its uglied by those who're hateful
So why don't you look within yourself
Go ahead, you look like everyone else
Love people for what they are within
Never judge by their religion or skin
We're all different, but we're the same
Not being able to see that is a shame
And I have absolutely no doubt
That in time, it will all work out

Poet's Note: In the world today, people are hated because of religion or the color of their skin, or perhaps both. I think the last stanza of this poem tells how I feel about. Diversity is beautiful. so many religions in this world, so many races and skin colors. It's all amazing, and I love it. Love Everybody!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Man | POEM

Another Man
Written by: Chris Williams

After the last time, I understand
Why you don't want another man
He left you down and hurt
He dragged you through the dirt
He didn't deserve the love you gave
You didn't deserve the way he behaved

Tragedy struck, and made you stand
All alone, not needing another man
There were none you could trust
So you let your heart sit and rust
Nothing left in your chest but dust
Gave up on men, due to this fuss

But you met me, and it came to an end
You confided in me, called me a friend
I showed you it was alright to love
And you know exactly how right I was
Because I showed you something grand
You want me, and not another man

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You're the Only Wonder | POEM

You're the Only Wonder
Written by: Chris Williams

I never found a place I felt I belonged
At least, not until you came along
Now I can't get enough
You're someone I just can't resist
And I know that you always insist
That you're so tough
But I know I'll make you weak in the knees
When I hug you and kiss you tenderly
I need to say this, but

I can't believe I found someone so loving
Stumbled into something so amazing
But you brush your hands through my hair
You show me just how much you care
You make the pain go away just like that
And you know, as a matter of fact
There might be seven wonders in this world
But you're the only wonder I see, girl

Monday, October 8, 2007

Never Leave | POEM

Never Leave
Written by: Chris Williams

Never leave, I can't stand us being apart
So, don't you dare break my heart
Never leave, I don't want to see you walk out
And just so you know there isn't any doubt
I love you more with each passing day
Nothing ever gets in our way
Not for you and me
So, never leave

I want to celebrate our love everyday
Come on, baby, now what do you say?
I'll do whatever it takes, make no mistake
You know, a love like mine just can't be fake
I wanna walk with you hand in hand
Down some long stretch of sand
So I beg you please
Never leave

Never leave, I always need you by my side
Our love is something we can't hide
Never leave, I can't stand to watch you go
So, I'll let my love for you show
And I have this to say
Because I hope you'll stay
You complete me
So, never leave

Fear of Love | POEM

Fear of Love
Written by: Chris Williams

There's no doubt
You're freaking out
I know that you
Don't know what to do
But don't you fear
Because I'm here
Don't get frantic
And don't you panic
I say this 'cuz
You're in love

Your hands shake
The ground quakes
Your heart beats
And you start to freak
Things get insane
I am to blame
You tell yourself
You need no one else
But you're lying 'cuz
You're afraid of love

I won't deny
This love of mine
So, yeah, I do
Love you too
I'll hold your hand
Together we'll stand
Be mine everyday
What do you say?
I want you 'cuz
I'm in love

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Always Only Yours | POEM

Always Only Yours
Written by: Chris Williams

I'm always only yours
And I know that for sure
There's no other girl
Anywhere in this world
To come between me and you
You know my word is true

I always want you with me
For you're the only one I see
In a crowd filled with women
You're so pretty its a sin
I know you're love is pure
So, I'm always only yours