Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take My Dog | SONG

Take My Dog
Written by: Christopher Williams

I remember when I was about 5 years old
My daddy bought me a new fishing pole
He told me we were headed down to the lake
I had that rod in my hand and I couldn't wait
But, daddy, could I please take my best friend Jake

He's been my best friend since I was three
He's been everywhere in the world with me
It wouldn't be the same without him here
I remember right then I started to tear
Said I want him right beside me on that log
So, Daddy, can we please take my dog?

I remember we had just returned from our vacation
I was about to head off to a higher education
He looked so sad as I was about to leave
And I could tell, he was looking right at me
Can't I take him with me, daddy, please?

Whenever I was ready to fly down some old back road
He'd hop right in that front seat, wanting to go
He would only ride shotgun, right by my side
The back of the truck was no place for him to ride
He's my best buddy mudding down in the bog
No matter where I'd go, I had to take my dog

One day I called my dad, and he said “Son
You knew this day was going to come.”

I fell upon my knees and I prayed to the lord
Cuz I didn't wanna hurt like this anymore
You know it always hits me really hard
Whenever I see a dog playing in a yard
I break right down and I start to ball
I wonder why God had to take my dog?

I gave him the best life a dog could ever have
But I guess God must've need him pretty bad...