Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Ode | POEM

An Ode
Written by: Chris Williams

I love it when she's in my lap
She's so cute when she takes a nap
She hums, and its an angelic sound
If she's too hot, she'll cool herself down
She enjoys my company and conversation
Always hates to be in isolation
She hears my rants and my woes
Hears of my highs and my lows
She never turns away, and listens a lot
Even when I have heart felt thoughts

She enjoys the touch of my fingers
Especially when I let them linger
Ever so gently on her skin
She's always there for me, again and again
She often stares at me for hours at a time
She won't leave, she's all mine
I always love to push her buttons
I constantly need her, I'm such the glutton
I honestly don't know where I'd be
Without my tablet PC, without "Katie"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Road and Me | POEM

The Road and Me
Written by: Chris Williams

The sun's out, so my shades are on my face
I have the windows rolled down in my Chevrolet
I can feel the power beneath my feet
As my tires hit the paved streets
The wind is blowing through my hair
Nothing on my mind, I don't have a care
I always feel alive and so free
When its just the road and me

The white lines go on for miles
I enjoy the silence for a while
Then I turn on the radio
Where I'm bound, I don't know
I just want to be happy and enjoy this
This ultimate freedom is such bliss
This sure is the way to be
It's just the road and me

I've got to run, I've got to have fun
Keep going until the trip is done
Just drive as far as I can
Because I have no plan
Let my truck take me here and there
I'll go anywhere and everywhere
I enjoy being so free
When it's the road and me

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Their Shoes | POEM

In Their Shoes
Written by: Chris Williams

I must confess
This world is a mess
We have beggars on the street
Who have nothing to eat
And you just walk on by
You don't even say hi
That one little phrase
Could make his day
You're so rich it isn't funny
So why even give him money
Put yourself in his shoes
Then maybe you'd by him food

You give people grief
About what they believe
Shouldn't matter if you're a Jew
Christian, Muslim, or a Hindu
I think it's really odd
For one who believes in God
And His amazing grace
To be so full of hate
I doubt you're heaven bound
You should turn your life around
Put yourself in their shoes
Then you'll change your attitude

Monday, April 21, 2008

Like the Legends Who Came Before | POEM

Like the Legends Who Came Before
Written by: Chris Williams

You just never know
I could be the next Edgar Alan Poe
In my words you might get lost
And start to think I'm Robert Frost
I'd write about pleasure, about pain
Maybe even dancing naked in the rain

I want my poems to move your soul
Inspiring people, that's my goal
I want to see you cry tears
Because I'm as good as Shakespeare
I'll talk about how I feel
And talk about what's real

I'll make your heart skip a beat
And make your knees get weak
I'll make you glad
Might even make you sad
I'll leave you wanting more
Like the legends who came before

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Coconut of My Eye | POEM

The Coconut of My Eye
Written by: Chris Williams

I had to go far
To be where you are
Along some stretch of sand
Sitting there holding your hand
Holding you in my arms
And holding your heart
All alone, like it should be
I know just how much you love me
But I don't really know why
You are the coconut of my eye

We're calm and at peace
You bring me to an ease
No one around for miles
We stare at each other and smile
A gentle kiss is all we need
To make our hearts pick up speed
All alone, oh, how I like this
Holding each other is such bliss
We sit and watch the waves roll by
You are the coconut of my eye

Above, we have the moon and stars
Watching as we give in to our hearts
Kissing and hugging, and making love too
It's perfect this way, just me and you
Your hand brushes my cheek to let me know
That everything's alright, and I can let go
We've given in to our own desires
Watching our bodies rage like a fire
And after, on top of me, you lie
You are the coconut of my eye

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Ashipoo | POEM

My Ashipoo
written by: Chris Williams

I know a girl with thunder thighs
And the most gorgeous eyes
That I always get lost in
She has beautiful brown skin
She has such lucious lips
And some wide indian hips
Her hair is long and jet black
With highlights, god i like that
She is a hindu
And has a nose ring too
She might be chunky, but she's more
She's everything I've been looking for

It's our anniversary again
We're seven months in
I just can't see myself
With anyone else
She just doesn't know
Why I love her so
Or where I see her beauty
But god she loves me
And I love her too
That's why she's my wonderful ashipoo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Alone | POEM

Written By: Chris Williams

All I want to do
Is stay wrapped up with you
I don't want to leave this place
I don't want to miss your smiling face

I can't make it with you gone
I don't want to be alone
Don't go, please don't leave me
Don't leave me broken and empty

Streaming down my face are tears
Falling like rain because of fears
My heart is so heavy with weight
It feels like it may break

I can't make it on my own
So please don't leave me alone
Handle me with lots of care
Because I'm fragile and scared

It arises most in the dark of night
Under the covers, I shiver with fright
I wish you didn't have to go
It shatters me to my soul

I'm nothing but a broken man
Reaching out to hold your hand
Tell me that you're not gone
Tell me I'm not left all alone