Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Kitchen Christmas | POEM

The Kitchen Christmas
Written by: Christopher Williams

Christmas hams and pecan pie
Makes the days fly right by
Peanut butter balls and divinity
Are just some of the candies
That we always get to make
And they bring us a perfect day

The kitchen always smell so right
We even work on into the night
For the meal and desserts are a feat
But they are always the perfect treat
Cooking and dining are my favorite things
That this holiday always brings

Once we've gathered and sat down
With everyone spread all around
Our most delicious, abundant feast
I know one thing for sure at least
That the time spent was not a waste
Cuz the kitchen Christmas goes in haste

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Fisherman's Tree | POEM

The Fisherman's Tree
Written by: Christopher Williams

To his party, my friend invited me
The first thing I noticed was his tree
It sparkled, oh, so gloriously
But there was not a light to be seen

What I saw was quite the dazzle
The tree was covered with tackle
It had his guests forever baffled
I'm sure it was a terrible hassle

Dozens of plastic fish with hooks
It turned heads, and got alotta looks
This was surely one for the books
We sat at the table to see what was cooked

Someone prayed, and even made a wish
To understand his obsession with fish
I took a picture for those who'd miss
So that no one would ever forget this

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa's Chevrolet | POEM

Santa's Chevrolet
Written by: Christopher Williams

There's been a rumor, so it seems
Something new is coming Christmas Eve
Santa's giving up his deer and sleigh
He's coming to town in a Chevrolet
It's supercharged, candy apple red
Has lotsa toys and goodies in its bed
The eight reindeer are no longer good
When he has 400 horses under the hood

Just hear the roar of the chrome pipes
It let's you know he's out at night
He going to come as fast as he can
With his big red bag in his hand
Those mud-grip tires tread the snow
He'll rev it up and let it go
So watch as Santa comes your way
He's coming to town in his Chevrolet

What A Lonely Christmas Eve | POEM

What A Lonely Christmas Eve
Written by: Christopher Williams

Tonight, I'm home alone
Because she has gone
That girl has left me
What a lonely Christmas Eve

Truly, no creature stirs
And my vision, it blurs
From the eggnog consumed
During this nightly gloom

Left are the gifts you see
Tossed about under the tree
Fire place holds a flame
I'm still cold, she's to blame

Ever slowly by does time go
Doesn't heal my pains and woes
Never thought this way it'd be
What a lonely Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where Would You Be? | POEM

Where Would You Be?
Written by: Christopher Williams
Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
Would you be home?
Or would you be gone?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
With your heart's desire
Sitting by a warm fire?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
Will there be snow?
Or maybe eskimos?

Where would you be
On this Christmas Eve?
I hope that you'd be
Cuddled up with me

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post-Fight Anthem | POEM

Post-Fight Anthem
Written by: Christopher Williams

Hey, Baby, when you're not around
Yeah, I find myself feeling down
Look in the mirror to see a frown

Won't you please, please come back
Don't keep me feeling like that
Ya got me bent all out of whack

Hey, Honey, you left me all alone
This sad night, it is almost gone
And your absence cuts to the bone

Girl, it's starting to get late
You'll come back to me, I pray
Before this all drives me insane

Hey, Sweety, this don't feel right
It's been one long, dreadful night
I wish we had never had that fight

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shattered | POEM

Written by: Christopher Williams

Sometimes I feel so beaten and battered
Like glass that has been fractured
I can't remember what really mattered
I look into a mirror that's shattered

The broken pieces showed things in reverse
So many of me, all in pain, it hurts
I know things will always get worse
The broken pieces showed another universe

The more I looked, my soul felt splattered
I could hardly walk, I only staggered
Tried to find my way back to what mattered
But still, I am left only feeling shattered

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Feel | POEM

I Feel
Written by: Christopher Williams

I feel just like a picture with a broken frame
I feel like the scarecrow without his brain
Or maybe like the tin man without a heart
Cuz you've torn mine out and ripped it apart

I feel like such an insignificant grain of sand
Or like a leaf on the wind, not sure where I'll land
I'm feeling like a ship tossed about in a squall
Lost at sea because I can't find my bearings at all

I feel just like a weed growing among the flowers
Like a superhero who has lost all his powers
I feel like some ancient long lost ruined city
Cuz you have gone and forgotten all about me

I feel like a shadow cowering away from the light
Afraid that it will kill me, and it just might
Shattered hopes and shattered dreams, what's really real?
I feel all these things, but at least I feel

The Great Lengendary Writer | POEM

The Great Legendary Writer
Written by: Christopher Williams

I was never picked for the baseball team
Never got a second glance is seems
I never had a date to the senior prom
So I just stayed at home with my mom

You know, not too many people cared
Never bothered to know I was there
Until they needed to cheat for a test
Cuz for that, I was always the best

I was the quiet one you called the geek
Always picked on me because I was weak
The girls poked fun at me everyday
I never got to go out on any dates

You didn't take time to know it
But I sure was one hell of a poet
I could turn it all into a song
About how everything is so wrong

I could write the best damn book
Full of twists and a plot with a hook
But no one took a chance to see
The great legendary writer that is me

I can't place one single blame
I think you're the one I can thank
For each and every piece of tragedy
Creating the great legendary writer, me

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feed Zoe | POEM

Feed Zoe
Written by: Christopher Williams

Life is a very fragile thing
You never know what it may bring
We're not here on a permanent stay
So listen to what I have to say
Just do this one favor for me
If I die, please, feed Zoe
She's my very special girl
The best turtle in the world
Take her outside during the day
To her big tank so she can play
Let her have all her fun
As she bathes in the sun
But don't forget one thing, please
Don't ever forget to feed Zoe

When there is the fall of night
Bring my baby inside to dry
Let her crawl on the floor
So she can exercise and explore
Remember, right before she sleeps
Take a little time and feed Zoe
Tell her you love her, and you care
That I wish that I could be there
Make sure you clean her shell
And keep an eye on her health
She sleeps between her dock supports
Make sure she never gets bored
Clean her tank at least once a week
Tell her I love her when you feed Zoe

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm A Dying Breed | POEM

I'm A Dying Breed
Written by: Christopher Williams

Whenever I look around
They're nowhere to be found
Every time that I look up
I can't find their dirty trucks
They've all forgotten their roots
And hung up their muddy boots

It isn't right, and it's not fair
I'm a dying breed, and no one seems to care

We don't hang out anymore at night
No more staying out until day light
It's no longer a beer or liquor-based
It's now something with a fruity taste
They go around in their tiny sports cars
Just because with a little gas it'll go far

It's all about clothes, and about hair
I'm a dying breed, does anyone seem to care?

Why don't we fish the pond on my land
Go out hunting on my new deer stand
But guns and rods are no longer your thang
Good God, how much things have changed
You won't dare get on a horse's back
Don't rope and ride, and all of that

It's not at all truth or dare
I'm just a dying breed, if anyone cares

I put on my cowboy hate just the same
My friends've gone off, they're not the blame
It's all metrosexuals and pretty boys
Who are afraid to play with manly toys
One foot at a time, I slip on my muddy boots
I'm the only one who hasn't forgotten my roots

It's just not right, and it isn't fair
I'm a dying breed, and the only one who cares

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Little More Time | POEM

A Little More Time
Written by: Christopher Williams

Give me a little more time
This isn't what I had in mind
I had this plan, you see
I was going to start a family

I was on my way to see her
She was gonna give birth
She's about to bring the world
Our brand new baby girl

I just want a little while
To see that baby's smile
If this world I left
I'd miss her first steps

If You'd give me the chance
I'd love to see her dance
At her senior prom
And I'd miss her mom

Let me see her wedding day
So I can stand up to say
Something when I toast
The girl I love the most

Let me spoil my grandkids
Like my grandparents did
So Big Guy in the Sky
Let me get to my wife

Give me a little more time
Get me outta this car of mine
Let me finish my plan, please
I am going to start a family

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Senses | POEM

Written by: Christopher Williams

If ever I were to go blind
And your face was etched in my mind
You wouldn't hear complaints from me
Because its a wondrous masterpiece

If ever I were to go deaf
And only your voice was left
Ringing throughout my ears
I'd not care if I couldn't hear

But if your kiss I couldn't taste
My life would be such a waste
I'd be but a shell of a man
Everything would taste so bland

And if I couldn't feel your embrace
Tears would stream down my face
To death I wish I would succumb
Because I would forever be numb

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Heart, Soul, and Mind | POEM

Heart, Soul, and Mind
Written by: Christopher Williams

I keep you always in my heart, baby
And I keep you in my soul
I never ever feel lonely
Whenever I do so

My mind is filled with memories
That I'll never let go
Scenes of you and me
Like some picture show

There's a melody in my head
Its the sound of your voice
Every word you've ever said
Its my song of choice

A Year Ago Today | POEM

A Year Ago Today
Written by: Christopher Williams

A year ago today
I gave my heart away
To someone special and true
Our love continuously grew
We've been all the way
And All I have to say

Is I need you for all my life
At least until the day I die
So put my ring on your left hand
Show the world that I am your man
Please always forever be mine
Until the very end of time

So give me a hug and a kiss
I'll always be thankful for this
We had our ups and downs
We've been all around
So let's always remember
Our vows on the 15th of September

Thursday, April 24, 2008

An Ode | POEM

An Ode
Written by: Chris Williams

I love it when she's in my lap
She's so cute when she takes a nap
She hums, and its an angelic sound
If she's too hot, she'll cool herself down
She enjoys my company and conversation
Always hates to be in isolation
She hears my rants and my woes
Hears of my highs and my lows
She never turns away, and listens a lot
Even when I have heart felt thoughts

She enjoys the touch of my fingers
Especially when I let them linger
Ever so gently on her skin
She's always there for me, again and again
She often stares at me for hours at a time
She won't leave, she's all mine
I always love to push her buttons
I constantly need her, I'm such the glutton
I honestly don't know where I'd be
Without my tablet PC, without "Katie"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Road and Me | POEM

The Road and Me
Written by: Chris Williams

The sun's out, so my shades are on my face
I have the windows rolled down in my Chevrolet
I can feel the power beneath my feet
As my tires hit the paved streets
The wind is blowing through my hair
Nothing on my mind, I don't have a care
I always feel alive and so free
When its just the road and me

The white lines go on for miles
I enjoy the silence for a while
Then I turn on the radio
Where I'm bound, I don't know
I just want to be happy and enjoy this
This ultimate freedom is such bliss
This sure is the way to be
It's just the road and me

I've got to run, I've got to have fun
Keep going until the trip is done
Just drive as far as I can
Because I have no plan
Let my truck take me here and there
I'll go anywhere and everywhere
I enjoy being so free
When it's the road and me

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Their Shoes | POEM

In Their Shoes
Written by: Chris Williams

I must confess
This world is a mess
We have beggars on the street
Who have nothing to eat
And you just walk on by
You don't even say hi
That one little phrase
Could make his day
You're so rich it isn't funny
So why even give him money
Put yourself in his shoes
Then maybe you'd by him food

You give people grief
About what they believe
Shouldn't matter if you're a Jew
Christian, Muslim, or a Hindu
I think it's really odd
For one who believes in God
And His amazing grace
To be so full of hate
I doubt you're heaven bound
You should turn your life around
Put yourself in their shoes
Then you'll change your attitude

Monday, April 21, 2008

Like the Legends Who Came Before | POEM

Like the Legends Who Came Before
Written by: Chris Williams

You just never know
I could be the next Edgar Alan Poe
In my words you might get lost
And start to think I'm Robert Frost
I'd write about pleasure, about pain
Maybe even dancing naked in the rain

I want my poems to move your soul
Inspiring people, that's my goal
I want to see you cry tears
Because I'm as good as Shakespeare
I'll talk about how I feel
And talk about what's real

I'll make your heart skip a beat
And make your knees get weak
I'll make you glad
Might even make you sad
I'll leave you wanting more
Like the legends who came before

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Coconut of My Eye | POEM

The Coconut of My Eye
Written by: Chris Williams

I had to go far
To be where you are
Along some stretch of sand
Sitting there holding your hand
Holding you in my arms
And holding your heart
All alone, like it should be
I know just how much you love me
But I don't really know why
You are the coconut of my eye

We're calm and at peace
You bring me to an ease
No one around for miles
We stare at each other and smile
A gentle kiss is all we need
To make our hearts pick up speed
All alone, oh, how I like this
Holding each other is such bliss
We sit and watch the waves roll by
You are the coconut of my eye

Above, we have the moon and stars
Watching as we give in to our hearts
Kissing and hugging, and making love too
It's perfect this way, just me and you
Your hand brushes my cheek to let me know
That everything's alright, and I can let go
We've given in to our own desires
Watching our bodies rage like a fire
And after, on top of me, you lie
You are the coconut of my eye

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Ashipoo | POEM

My Ashipoo
written by: Chris Williams

I know a girl with thunder thighs
And the most gorgeous eyes
That I always get lost in
She has beautiful brown skin
She has such lucious lips
And some wide indian hips
Her hair is long and jet black
With highlights, god i like that
She is a hindu
And has a nose ring too
She might be chunky, but she's more
She's everything I've been looking for

It's our anniversary again
We're seven months in
I just can't see myself
With anyone else
She just doesn't know
Why I love her so
Or where I see her beauty
But god she loves me
And I love her too
That's why she's my wonderful ashipoo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Alone | POEM

Written By: Chris Williams

All I want to do
Is stay wrapped up with you
I don't want to leave this place
I don't want to miss your smiling face

I can't make it with you gone
I don't want to be alone
Don't go, please don't leave me
Don't leave me broken and empty

Streaming down my face are tears
Falling like rain because of fears
My heart is so heavy with weight
It feels like it may break

I can't make it on my own
So please don't leave me alone
Handle me with lots of care
Because I'm fragile and scared

It arises most in the dark of night
Under the covers, I shiver with fright
I wish you didn't have to go
It shatters me to my soul

I'm nothing but a broken man
Reaching out to hold your hand
Tell me that you're not gone
Tell me I'm not left all alone

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Thank The Gods | POEM

I Thank The Gods
Written by: Chris Williams

Up above we have the stars
Painted on a dark canvas
We're in each others arms
With a blanket around us
It's in moments like this
I feel the warmth of her bod
That I feel such bliss
I stop, and thank the gods

She might be big and round
But I really don't care
Cuz she's so beautiful and brown
I really love her hair
The mornings she looks a mess
She thinks I'm odd
Cuz I swear she looks her best
But I stop, to thanks the gods

Friday, March 14, 2008

We're Meant to Be | POEM

We're Meant to Be
Written by: Chris Williams

I knew you would find
Someone to give your love to
Your heart is mine
And mine belongs to you
Don't be shy
It's only me
Don't ask why
Just know we're meant to be

You've searched all your life
Nearly twenty-one years
You've looked low and high
I've always been right here
Don't look surprised
You fell for me
Happy Valentines
You know we're meant to be

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ash | POEM

Happy Birthday, Ash
Written by: Chris Williams

You're flying high tonight
Overlooking candle light
Twenty-one of them're placed
On top of a beautiful cake
It's a joyous bash
Happy birthday, Ash

You're so young
Your life's just begun
Hundreds of presents and friends
The fun will never end
So let the good times last
Happy birthday, Ash

You mean so much to me
Happy Birthday, I love you, Ashvini

Friday, January 25, 2008

Through Her Eyes | POEM

Through Her Eyes
Written by: Chris Williams

She's so happy and so is he
They walk hand-in-hand so I can see
Are they throwing it in my face
She offers him a warm embrace
How could I have been so blind
How on earth will I ever find
My way out of this lonely world
He left me, and now has that girl
To this loneliness, there's no end
He ended up with my best friend

There it is, their first kiss
Oh, how I hate all of this
As tears fill my eyes
I remember all of his lies
He promised me that he'd wait
Now, I didn't speak up, and it's too late
How can my heart ache like this
I had him, and I was in bliss
I hear our song, wonder where i belong
Now, I can't remember who's wrong

She told me she had no interest in him
And now our friendship's growing dim
I don't want to be seen, so I'll walk away
Hope to try again, some other day
In time I'll be over it all, I swear
Right now the pain is too much to bear
I wish they'd see things from my shoes
See all my pain, and sing the blues
They don't need this girl to give them hell
I'll just go on back to my shell to dwell

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chunky Monkey | POEM

Chunky Monkey
Written by: Chris Williams

My baby looks really great
But she complains about her weight
I think she's just so pretty
And I know how much she loves me
But nothing makes me feel so lucky
Than my beautiful chunky monkey

When she wraps me so close in her arms
I know she keeps me safe from harm
I make a joke to see her laugh
She's the best that any man could have
But when her hair gets all funky
I just love to call her chunky monkey

Now, this poem might be made just for fun
But I mean no harm with my little pun
She's my little Asha, my one true love
I'm carried away with a kiss and a hug
I'm proud of her, and her of me
That's why she's my chunky monkey

Gone | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

You've just pushed me over the limit
I'll be walking out any minute
It's already way too late
Your racism and hate
Has just driven me away
Here is where I can no longer stay

By the time you read this I'll be gone
You're just too stupid to see you're wrong
Your words have left an awful stain
Your words have left an awful pain
I know things will never get better
That why you're reading this letter

I'd pray to God to help you through
But I for one know it's no use
You've given me too much grief
I gotta get out, gotta find relief
I'll pray to God to keep me strong
To keep me safe while I'm gone

I won't promise that I'll be back
As long as there's something you lack
Learn not to judge and hate
It just means your life's a waste
This road will be hard and long
But I don't care, as long as I'm gone

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'd Say I'm Lucky | POEM

I'd Say I'm Lucky
Written by: Chris Williams

I can't believe how far we've come
It would be surprising to some
I can't believe that you could love me
But if you ask me, I'd say I'm lucky

It's amazing this love we share
And I know how much you care
Sometimes I cry just so you'll hold me
So, if you ask me, I'd say I'm lucky

Now, I say alot of things in jest
But baby, you're really the best
Person in the whole world for me
So, yeah, ask me. I'd say I'm lucky

Where Were You | POEM

Where Were You
Written by: Chris Williams

There I was when she said goodbye
Doing my best not to cry
Asking God why, oh, why
I never got an answer from Him
My hope was growing dim
My chances of recovery getting slim

Everyone asked why I was mad
Why did I look, oh so sad
I told the news, and it was bad
Nothing would ever be the same
I thought He was the one to blame
Told Him that He should be ashamed

Tell me, where were You
When I was feeling forever blue
Not knowing what I should do
I wasn't sure how I should feel
Didn't believe that you were real
Kept wondering what's the deal

Lost the pieces of my shattered heart
Saw everything growing dark
I didn't know where I should start
To begin my life completely new
Looked for answers, I only found a few
But God, where were You

And somewhere in my shaken faith
He brought her my way
She made me feel so safe
The clouds slowly began to part
I asked God where should I start
To get you to put together my heart

He didn't tell me what to do
Said that I already knew
All my life, where were you
I guess He's watching out for me
It took me a while to believe
I guess, after all, He's not too busy

Pain | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

I'm so tired of this fight
Tired of all this pain
I can't do anything right
I'm always to blame
Your words cut so deep
I feel like I'm nothing
I can put myself to sleep
But only by crying

I don't understand this hate
Don't understand why
I know this can't be my fate
To feel so dead inside
I'm better off without you
Tearing me apart
I'm better off without you
Ripping out my heart

You've taken away my soul
Nothing else is left
I no longer feel like I'm whole
So just put me on a shelf
Don't stop to look, walk on by
I have nothing to say
And don't you dare ask me why
I've never been so afraid

If you don't love me at all
Please, just let me go
I'm broken from the fall
Never felt so low
These tears that I've cried
Don't ease the pain
These tears that have dried
Have left me drained

I know you have a heart
But it's made of stone
I know your mind is dark
And your soul is gone
But please just leave me be
I don't want you around
You've already poisoned me
So lay me in the ground

Friday, January 11, 2008

Smile | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

When we first met
On a day I'll never forget
You told me you loved my smile
You gazed into my eyes for a while

I made you blush
Oh, what a rush
To taste your lips on mine
You were looking so fine

I see your pictures
You're pretty, for sure
They always make me smile
And I know it drives you wild

Oh, baby, you're the best
You make me forget the rest
You say you like my simple style
And you'll always love the way I smile

An Angel or the Devil |POEM

An Angel or the Devil
Written by: Chris Williams

Is she an angel or the devil, I can't tell
All I know is how hard I fell
She knows how to lift me up when I'm sad
And she knows how to be so bad
Something tells me one is a disguise
Its hard to tell when I look in her eyes

Is she an angel or the devil, I don't care
She makes love and its hard to bear
She can be so beautiful but have an evil grin
She's so innocent, but she's full of sin
You can see her halo in the right light
But you can find her horns coming out at night

Is she an angel or the devil, I don't mind
Whichever it is, she's one of a kind
Maybe she's just one, or a little of both
It's so hard to tell when she holds me close
I love when she's in wings and is so sweet
But there's just something about her being horny

Mine | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

When I first met her
I never thought we'd be together
I remember how she
Could only threaten me
Not to break her best friend's heart
How could I have known it'd start
A friendship that would last a lifetime
That she would soon be mine

Her friend said goodbye
And I could only cry
On her strong shoulder
She helped me get over
The pain and heartache
Soon I had a feeling I couldn't shake
She would soon make me no longer whine
And at that moment, she became mine

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beauty In Your Smile | POEM

Beauty In Your Smile
Written by: Chris Williams

It knocks me off balance
And I don't stand a chance
It steals my heart instantly
I find myself desperately
Trying to gain ground
But I have found
Its impossible to resist
You and all that it insists
For you, I go that extra mile
Because you hold so much beauty in your smile

Monday, January 7, 2008

Heavenly Bliss | POEM

Heavenly Bliss
Written by: Chris Williams

She has me tied up
That's just my luck
She's come unwound
And is holding me down
But I won't complain
Cuz she whispers my name
Soflty upon my lips
She sways her hips
And gives me a kiss
Heavenly bliss

I felt a thump
My heart just jumped
Into overdrive
She makes me feel alive
Her touch is so tender
She just made me shudder
Its sure pleasure
Just to be with her
I won't stop her in this
Heavenly bliss

Glitter | POEM

Written by: Chris Williams

I can get lost in their sparkle
And they keep me dazzled
Like diamonds in the perfect light
I can't stand, even with all my might
They make my knees so weak
Sometimes, I can hardly speak
For they easily take my breath
And scare me half to death
It makes my day so much better
The way your beautiful eyes glitter