Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Feel | POEM

I Feel
Written by: Christopher Williams

I feel just like a picture with a broken frame
I feel like the scarecrow without his brain
Or maybe like the tin man without a heart
Cuz you've torn mine out and ripped it apart

I feel like such an insignificant grain of sand
Or like a leaf on the wind, not sure where I'll land
I'm feeling like a ship tossed about in a squall
Lost at sea because I can't find my bearings at all

I feel just like a weed growing among the flowers
Like a superhero who has lost all his powers
I feel like some ancient long lost ruined city
Cuz you have gone and forgotten all about me

I feel like a shadow cowering away from the light
Afraid that it will kill me, and it just might
Shattered hopes and shattered dreams, what's really real?
I feel all these things, but at least I feel

The Great Lengendary Writer | POEM

The Great Legendary Writer
Written by: Christopher Williams

I was never picked for the baseball team
Never got a second glance is seems
I never had a date to the senior prom
So I just stayed at home with my mom

You know, not too many people cared
Never bothered to know I was there
Until they needed to cheat for a test
Cuz for that, I was always the best

I was the quiet one you called the geek
Always picked on me because I was weak
The girls poked fun at me everyday
I never got to go out on any dates

You didn't take time to know it
But I sure was one hell of a poet
I could turn it all into a song
About how everything is so wrong

I could write the best damn book
Full of twists and a plot with a hook
But no one took a chance to see
The great legendary writer that is me

I can't place one single blame
I think you're the one I can thank
For each and every piece of tragedy
Creating the great legendary writer, me

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feed Zoe | POEM

Feed Zoe
Written by: Christopher Williams

Life is a very fragile thing
You never know what it may bring
We're not here on a permanent stay
So listen to what I have to say
Just do this one favor for me
If I die, please, feed Zoe
She's my very special girl
The best turtle in the world
Take her outside during the day
To her big tank so she can play
Let her have all her fun
As she bathes in the sun
But don't forget one thing, please
Don't ever forget to feed Zoe

When there is the fall of night
Bring my baby inside to dry
Let her crawl on the floor
So she can exercise and explore
Remember, right before she sleeps
Take a little time and feed Zoe
Tell her you love her, and you care
That I wish that I could be there
Make sure you clean her shell
And keep an eye on her health
She sleeps between her dock supports
Make sure she never gets bored
Clean her tank at least once a week
Tell her I love her when you feed Zoe

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm A Dying Breed | POEM

I'm A Dying Breed
Written by: Christopher Williams

Whenever I look around
They're nowhere to be found
Every time that I look up
I can't find their dirty trucks
They've all forgotten their roots
And hung up their muddy boots

It isn't right, and it's not fair
I'm a dying breed, and no one seems to care

We don't hang out anymore at night
No more staying out until day light
It's no longer a beer or liquor-based
It's now something with a fruity taste
They go around in their tiny sports cars
Just because with a little gas it'll go far

It's all about clothes, and about hair
I'm a dying breed, does anyone seem to care?

Why don't we fish the pond on my land
Go out hunting on my new deer stand
But guns and rods are no longer your thang
Good God, how much things have changed
You won't dare get on a horse's back
Don't rope and ride, and all of that

It's not at all truth or dare
I'm just a dying breed, if anyone cares

I put on my cowboy hate just the same
My friends've gone off, they're not the blame
It's all metrosexuals and pretty boys
Who are afraid to play with manly toys
One foot at a time, I slip on my muddy boots
I'm the only one who hasn't forgotten my roots

It's just not right, and it isn't fair
I'm a dying breed, and the only one who cares

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Little More Time | POEM

A Little More Time
Written by: Christopher Williams

Give me a little more time
This isn't what I had in mind
I had this plan, you see
I was going to start a family

I was on my way to see her
She was gonna give birth
She's about to bring the world
Our brand new baby girl

I just want a little while
To see that baby's smile
If this world I left
I'd miss her first steps

If You'd give me the chance
I'd love to see her dance
At her senior prom
And I'd miss her mom

Let me see her wedding day
So I can stand up to say
Something when I toast
The girl I love the most

Let me spoil my grandkids
Like my grandparents did
So Big Guy in the Sky
Let me get to my wife

Give me a little more time
Get me outta this car of mine
Let me finish my plan, please
I am going to start a family