Monday, July 6, 2009

By George Strait | SONG

By George Strait
Written by: Christopher Williams

I remember when I was seven or eight
My dad played me a song by George Strait
I fell in love right then and there
With a song that was called "The Chair"
I learned the moves and the lines
Which got me girls from time to time
'Cuz I was "The Fireman" for a while
But as always "She'll Leave You With A Smile"
I got "Carried Away" in that "Blue Clear Sky"
Just trying to live "One Night at a Time"

"The King of Broken Hearts" that was me
"You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody"
I knew that I was "So Much Like My Dad"
And only one thing cured this pain I had
It didn't matter if it were "Right or Wrong"
Happy, sad, or drinking, I just needed his songs
Because "Today My World slipped Away"
What made it better? A song by George Strait

And I can never forget "The Best Day"
When everything in my life changed
Before I discovered where I was
I was out on the "River of Love"
"I Cross My Heart" to never leave
Cuz I'm always "Carrying Your Love With Me"
We made that "Run" out to the lake
And made love to a song by George Strait

Then one dark night I got the call
I felt "The Chill of an Early Fall"
This is "The Big One" so he spoke
And I knew it was "Easy come, Easy Go"
We hit the road, two "Cowboys Like Us"
My new Chevrolet just kicking up dust
I told him about a "Love Without End, Amen"
Then I realized I was talking to the wind
But my dad had everything when he passed away
Because he had me and a song by George Strait

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